Modifiable Magnetism – 48 pcs magnets are properly placed in connecting parts in Magnetic Speed Cube in order to provide good turning experience, making the cube more controllable and stable.
Adjustable Elasticity – The Unique Dual Adjusting tools are able to make NINE Levels of elasticity available in this Speed Cube and the extra replaceable springs for you to set the tension to an ideal level!
Smooth Turning – This Magic Cube is fully functional for about 55 degrees Forward Corner Cutting and 30 degrees Reverse Corner Cutting with new anti-sticky design and Integrated dual track feet.
Fully Personalized – Varied Accessories on magnet(4*1mm magnetร—6, 4*1.5mm magnetร—6), 6 extra Spring&Screw, Dual Adjustment System Tools and Screwdriver. Adjustable Magnetism, Elasticity and Weight provides grateful supports for Speedcube Customized experience.
Professional Competition Cube – The upgraded version from the of the WR 3×3 Speed Cube has been holding the record until today, which is professional for Cubers.

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