MoYu 6×6 Stickerless Magic cube is a very good puzzle for someone looking to get into 6×6.
It features modern design features like Florian-style holes, vibrant stickerless colors, and a robust internal mechanism — all at an economical price.
More smooth than original 6×6 cube – It’s totally different from old 6×6 cube. This cube was designed after a generation of research to solve. With this new, you can solve it twice as fast as you could with the original 6×6 cube. Eco-friendly stickerless never fade, and the colors will look sharp.
No one falls out of love with the 6×6 cube. They are always awesome for both kids and adults, you can take them anywhere. Need something for your kids to do in the car or on the airplane? 6×6 cube
Perfect Christmas / Birthday / Childrenโ€™s Day Gift Idea. This classic puzzle game will never go out of style.

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