Wooden Colored Puzzle Blocks

Wooden Colored Puzzle Blocks



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Product Description:

Whether modern or ancient puzzle is to inspire children to good intelligence partner. Has a huge space for development observant child to be able to form a bridge between the physical and link up foster children’s imagination, shape analysis and creative logic. Parents are now widely used to help children learn the basic concepts of logic and mathematics. You can help children understand the various geometric shapes, numbers, understanding the significance of perimeter and area, to understand the Pythagorean theorem.

  Tangram can also teach children to identify colors, and guide children to comprehend graphic segmentation and synthesis, thereby enhancing children’s hands intelligence, patience and observation. Can also be used to tell a story, the dozens of pieces of a jigsaw puzzle pictures together into a coherent picture amplitude can tell a story like when comic listen to the children. First spell several cats, several dogs, a house, you can tell a wonderful story moving.

How to play:

The seven geometric building blocks out of the box, do not look at the drawings, then they fight back in the box.

Control drawings display a variety of graphics, and the family can be a time trial to see who the golf faster and better.

Of course, you can also invented more new games are played. Wooden toys lightweight, feel good, easy baby deserve!

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