“All the wrong people will come into your life just to make you feel that you are the one who is wrong and all those who don’t deserve to have you, will come into your life and they will leave you in a way that you will be ending up calling yourself the one who doesn’t deserve to have them”.


This book is composition of mess of gorgeous chaos. Something that isn’t projected toward one aspect of life. Author has penned down his learning in poetry and prose form to inspire you and help you see the better side of this world and also to discover the good from the worst looking things, lights from the darkest places and love through the ugliest bodies. He has written about the feelings of men, women as well as his words will help you know about the people who deserve to be loved. Parents are also the vital part of a person’s life, how come he won’t be talking about them. He has also highlighted the theory of loving yourself as the most important thing to do in a person’s life and The Love, the widely discussed topic by writers. He has given a very beautiful poetic form to his logical and deep thoughts and experiences about love. This book won’t make you think negative neither positive. It will help you see the positive and negative all at once to make you stand in between both to understand the life better. Things we all have faced in our lives but couldn’t expressed it through any source. Author has expressed all of your feelings and sufferings in this book that you hardly even think of speaking out.

The title “The Speaking Psycho” makes people curious and it has to be.

When Author used to speak the true facts in front of people that they hate to listen and love to over look, they used to call him Psycho and through that he got more inspired and he hasn’t stopped speaking and he ended up speaking the same things through this book. Something you won’t regret reading. Something that will speak your heart out.


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