This book “The Cure” is the individual collection of inspirational content by seven Instagram writers including Abu Bakr Zafar, author of The Speaking Psycho and Helium. this book is compiled by Abu Bakr Zafar and Published by The Books Yard under the ISBN¬†978-969-7952-00-7, in this book basically every writer is representing their curing content to their audience, that will be revealed to your broken heart and tired soul after you will open up the book and for one person, you are not going to have the inspirational and curing address from your favorite writer only, you will be reading and listening to other six writers too, who are there for you to heal your heart and help you inspire your tired soul. and with the healing , to have the idea about what you are doing in your life and what you should do in your life is important and with that idea making a goal is important and with a goal working for is important, and you will see the end and when you look back you gonna regret wasting your time living a life that gave you nothing. get up

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