“The attacks in Mumbai in November 2008 – designated as 26/11 – left 162 people dead in a traumatic event that some people described as India’s 9/11. Extensive media coverage has created the impression that all the relevant facts on this audacious operation have been reported. Unfortunately, this impression is false. This book represents a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the official narrative of 26/11, as reflected in court documents and the news media. It presents testimonies of dozens of important witnesses, whom Indian courts ignored because they shed a radically different light on the events. The book presents a detailed analysis of the benefits accruing to powerful constituencies in India and the US from the mass-murder. The results of this evaluation are shattering for they expose a tacit consensus by leading news media, the political class, the police and the judicial system, to cover up the true facts on 26/11 and thereby shield the real criminals.


The book’s ultimate purpose is to serve as a wake-up call to the Indian public to liberate itself from the grips of a predatory, corrupt and ruthless ruling class that prevents the majority of Indian citizens from enjoying a life of dignity and peace.”