Spirit Of Islam

Spirit Of Islam

by Syed Ameer Ali



A history of the evolution and ideals of Islam, with a life of the prophecy.


Life and Ministry of the Prophet: Mohammed the prophet;Hegira; prophet at Medina; hostility of the Koreish and the Jews; invasion of Medina; prophets clemency; diffusion of the faith; year of deputations; fulfillment of the prophet’s work; apostolical succession;

Spirit of Islam: ideal of Islam; religious spirit of Islam; idea of future life in Islam; church militant of Islam; status of women in Islam; bondage in Islam; political spirit of Islam; political divisions and schisms of Islam; literary and scientific sprit of Islam; rationalistic and philosophical spirit of Islam; idealistic and mystical spirit in Islam.

Reference: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9031966-the-spirit-of-islam


Foreign Price Rs 550.00
ISBN 9789693506129
Format Hardback
Pages 445
Publisher Ilm O Irfan
Genre Religion