Solo by Jack Higgins

Solo by Jack Higgins

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Reissue of the timeless Higgins classic…

In the depths of a cavernous of a concert hall, gifted psychopath plots and waits, his thoughts on nothing but music and murder. He kills for pleasure, constantly searching, and with a brand new target in his sights, his mind spirals once again into torture and violence.

But this time, he has chosen the wrong victim; the teenage daughter of one of the most feared and respected SAS soldiers known; a man with more training and advanced killer instinct than even himself.

Now, the hunt is on. As soldier stalks maestro for a brutal vengeance, one attempts to outsmart the other in a deadly game of cunning, skill, and bloody expertise, building to a nerve-shattering climax.



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Foreign Price £8.99
ISBN 9780007234912
Format Hardback
Pages 422
Publisher Harper Collins
Genre Fiction