Private Games

Private Games

by James Patterson
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A new thriller in the no. 1 bestselling Private series based around the London 2012 Olympic Games

The Olympic Games have arrived in London, and the world is waiting in eager anticipation of the biggest event in global sport. The preparations have gone flawlessly and the stage is set for one of the greatest Olympic Games of the modern era. However, one man is plotting to destroy the Games. Having waited years for this chance, he is ready to exact his vengeance. When Sir Denton Marshall, key member of the London 2012 organising committee, is found decapitated in his own back garden, Peter Knight, head of the London branch of Private, is called to the scene. Private have been hired to run the security operations at the Games, so Sir Denton was a client. He was also Knight’s mother’s fiancé. Having only recently lost many friends and colleagues at Private London in a fatal plane crash, this new personal grief threatens to push Knight over the edge. But when it becomes clear that this attack was not an isolated incident, Knight realises that he cannot afford to crack under the pressure – the fate of the Olympics rests solely on his shoulders.



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Foreign Price £7.99
ISBN 9780099568735
Format Hardback
Pages 497
Publisher Penguin Random House
Genre Fiction