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A part of my life I have been considering love what people have taught me and by practically doing. As such I never had my own definition of love but somehow in every experience of mine, I felt an insufficiency and a lack that made me incomplete. Throughout my life I provided people with everything they demanded and to the woman I once loved, I might have my name at the top in the list of people who have hurt you but that is in your list. Have a look at the list of people I have, you have your name at the second in the people who made me feel the most worthless and my relatives came at first. In all the time I spent with you, you have been blaming me that I am changed, even when you knew that pain changes people and you have given me a lot, but the fact is you never bothered the pain you provided me in the name of love but emphasized the fact that I walked away. Why? You didn’t bother to think.

People like you always kept me miles away from figuring out what I really deserved and the people talking about love around me, what kind of love they think they are talking about. The love that is really deserve be to called love or the love they think benefits them? I don’t know.

And then a part of my life, I kept myself away from love, away from discussions of love, away from people who talked about love and away from places and things and moments that made me feel loved or tried to.

I invested time in figuring out what I really deserve and additionally I was actually so concerned with love, I added it too in the list of thing I was investing time on.

Love is not oxygen, love never makes you live.

Love is helium, love makes you live better.

Love lifts you up when you are down.

Love inspired you; force you to do what you should do.

Love makes you fly and see the heights, love makes that possible for you.

That’s the kind of love provided by a person with the same ideology of love is the one I figured I needed.

And blessing like this cannot be found by searching by looking and by discovering.

It comes with the right; it comes when it’s written.


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