Green Turbo Sea Shell

Green Turbo Sea Shell



Green Turbo Sea  Shell

Turbo setosus is a species of sea snail in the family Turbinidae found in the Indian Ocean off Madagascar, and in the

Central and Southwest Pacific off Australia. Members of this species have solid, imperforate shells that vary in length between

22mm and 80mm, and in color between whitish-green and sea-green (hence its name), mottled with brown and olive. They have large,

oval apertures that are generally white on the inner surfaces. Each turban snail has an operculum, a defensive anatomical feature attached to its foot.

Once fully developed, this structure’s outline matches the aperture, or opening, of the shell. Strong and thick (similar in composition to the shell), it serves

as a trapdoor of sorts that seals off the aperture of the shell when the snail retracts its soft parts into it.

Lovely selection of sea shells presented in a net bag. Shells come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

Great for home decor.  Please note these items are all naturally sourced and may not be appropriate for vegans.

Assorted variety of Sea shells for decoration of vases, tables, aquariums. They all are unique.

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